Luka McCabe's Kollab camping must-haves!

Luka McCabe is a mum of three who wears many hats, including being a registered nurse, midwife, and certified nutrition consultant specializing in postpartum and baby nutrition. She's the creative mind behind Boob to Food, an Instagram account turned small business offering practical advice and resources for parents transitioning their babies from breastfeeding to solid foods.

She also loves going camping with her family!

Luka took our stunning Northshore print on her latest camping adventure and here are her top Kollab picks for a weekend away.


Luka couldn't resist taking the Wine Cooler Bag on her camping trip because, let's face it, one bottle of wine just won't cut it when you're out in nature with friends. This bag was the perfect companion to keep her drinks cool on the move. The premium insulation, well, that meant her wine stayed refreshingly chilled for longer, making it a camping essential she and her friends could cheers to.



Luka decided that the Picnic Mat was just right for her camping trip with her family and friends. This eco-friendly mat, partly made from recycled plastic bottles, made the practicality of folding a breeze with its adjustable strap. Not to mention, it's water-resistant, which is great when you have kids around, and the comfy foam lining guarantees a cozy spot for the little ones to sit and play on. It was the ideal choice for her family's outdoor adventure.



Knowing how essential it would be, Luka, a mother of three, brought the Holiday Picnic Bag on her camping trip. She valued its practicality, as the insulation kept her food and beverages cool. It also provided ample space for her picnic essentials, and the user-friendly design was a big plus, especially when keeping up with her little ones. The additional pockets proved handy, and the stable base came in useful in various settings, making it a smart choice for her family camping adventure.