Taking Maximalism to a whole new level, Sage x Clare ♥ Kollab collaboration is all about colour clashes and playful geometry creating an artful print remix for the perfect party, beach or backyard set up.

This exciting partnership brings together Sage x Clare's signature prints and Kollab's iconic shapes to create a stunning collection that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

Hayley Barrett, Kollab's co founder sat down with Sage x Clare’s owner, Phoebe Bell, to chat all things brand and life! She answered some of our rapid fire questions and including the one we all need the answer too, her fave picnic spot! Read on to find out...

Where does the name Sage x Clare come from?

Phoebe – So the name Sage x Clare comes from my middle name and my twin sisters middle name, so she’s Jemma Sage and I am Phoebe Clare. So its kinda born out of the two of us.

Hayley – I didn’t know that you guys were twins?!

Phoebe – Yeah a lot of people don’t know that we just forget to mention it.

Which Kollab shape do you think is the most versatile? / What is your most loved shape?

Phoebe – I do absolutely love the Mini Cooler but I think the most versatile is the Lunch Box. My daughter has one and she just wanders all around the house collecting things to go “on holiday” but I also use it for really practical purposes.

I have a 7month old baby so it’s great for her bottles, puree and all the things she needs. It’s great for my lunch when I come into work. And I think you also mentioned it’s great for toys, cards and even Lego?!

Hayley – Yeah it’s not just for food, so it’s a really good versatile shape to carry little things that your children need, or even for storage around the home.

We shouldn't play favourites but what is your favourite print in the range?

Phoebe – It’s a tough choice but I think it would be the Mini Cooler in our Portofino print. I just absolutely love it. I've got this on in our photoshoot and I think I had it worn across the body with the long strap, and I just adore it, it’s so sweet.

Hayley – It’s my favourite also, I love green generally but the combination of the stripe and the floral really hits the mark for me. And I love it even in the Sage x Clare skirt, I wear it all the time, so to see it come to fruition on our products is so nice. 

What do you love most about the collaboration?

Phoebe – I think what I love about the collab is that it’s beautiful but also practical. I feel like sometimes you have to choose one or the other, and I just love that it is the most practical products that are so useful, so perfect for everything that you need every day, but they’re just beautiful and I love that it’s not a choice between the two.

Hayley - Well that’s kind of why we started the brand, we just wanted really practical things that looked good!

Phoebe – and you can never get the two!

Hayley – It's been a really easy process I think to collab and when we contact brands, I feel like it needs to feel right, not be too hard and feel like a good fit, so that’s a bonus.

Phoebe – Yeah it’s been very easy to work together.

What does your ultimate picnic day look like? What is your favourite Picnic spot?

Phoebe – I think my favourite place to picnic is probably down in Warrandyte. There’s a couple of swimming holes that the locals know, and I do love a picnic down there. But I have to say now that I have three kids, there is nothing more appealing than a picnic in your own backyard. We have just done a big landscaping project so I think that might be our new fave spot to picnic! And I think these new products will be perfect for out there.


Three things you don’t leave the house without on a family day?

Phoebe – It might sound fairly obvious, but the three things I need to leave the house with on a family day are my three children! We have been known to forget one, so I usually try and make sure that we have Poppy, Ivy and Jude. They are the most important things that we leave the house with.

Hayley – For me it’s food, something to drink and our Picnic Mat.

What’s the one thing your kids always want in their Lunch Box?

Phoebe – What do my kids really want in a Lunch Box? I mean I know I should be saying carrot or an apple but what they really want is those little Nutella snack packs, the ones with the little scoop. They are just happy if there's one of those in there.


What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

Phoebe – So obviously we haven’t been doing a lot of travelling the last few years, but I think my favourite place to go on holiday would be India. I think that’s what led to starting Sage x Clare too. It’s such a love affair with India. It’s an incredible place, I love travelling around, I feel like you go there and come back a slightly changed person for having gone. Which you don’t always get from every holiday.

What do you love about running your own business?

Phoebe – I think the favourite thing about running my own business is probably the diversity, every day is very different. Today, we’re here and chatting together, but yesterday was design stuff and planning for photoshoots, meeting with the team and working on contracts as well as finance. It is so many different aspects, so I do love that, as I am someone who can get bored quite easily, but running a business definitely keeps you on your toes.

Photo of Phoebe Bell, Sage x Clare (left) and Hayley Barrett, Kollab (right)