Kollab is so excited to partner again with quintessential surf brand Billabong on two new beautiful prints. 

We have been collaborating with Billabong every year for the past four years and have had such great success with our Del Sur, Pretty Palms and Nalu prints.

Since it's beginnings in 1969, Billabong has combined function, fit, art and fashion to develop boardshorts and clothing for mountain and ocean lovers across the globe. This combination of outdoor sports and Kollab’s practical storage solutions has made Kollab and Billabong a match made in outdoorsy heaven.

This year the two new prints are Peeking Palms and Happy holidays. Both are designed with a beach lifestyle in mind.

We asked the Billabong team and chatted with Fleur Boys the lead Women’s Designer some questions to get a peek behind the curtain!


What was the inspiration behind the Peeking Palms Print?

For us here at Billabong we are always island dreaming and the palm print is embodies everything we love about island life and tropical vibes even if you can’t be in paradise


What was the inspiration behind the Happy Holidays Print?

Summers as a kid!, It reminded us of those iconic’ Australiana artists from back in the day like Ken Done, or those tourist style tea towels with the all towns you stopped past on your road trip that your nanna had.. Its naïve, and fun, with has a nostalgia to it of simple and fun times at the beach, in the waves and one long hot summer holiday.


Where would you take your Billabong x Kollab pieces on holiday?

Anywhere right now, we are lucky being on the Gold Coast we know, but have big dreams and bigger plans to escape once we can, Tahiti, Aruba, Jamacia, I’d go anywhere that song Kokomo suggests actually!


What makes Kollab and Billabong such a good match?

We are kindred spirits in our love of the beach and the outdoors, with the same cheeky sense of fun, together we really are all you need for a killer beach kit.  The perfect combo of kitchy and cool!

What is your most used Kollab piece?

Umm just one? I would say the big beach bag, you can literally throw the whole families beach stuff in there, wet or dry! It holds everything and then folds up so tiny to pack away! I have spare ones stashed in the back of my car for everything even market hauls and shopping runs!


How do you plan on spending your holidays?

In the sun! I truly believe I am solar powered so recharging in the sun is always high on my hit list!